MAGNET NEtwork for practitioners

Networking events and knowledge sharing events to strengthen the pan-European professional community on migrant entrepreneurship support.

Purpose of the MAGNET network

MAGNET aims at building and establishing the European community of organizations and institutions interested in migrant entrepreneurship support. Its purpose is to serve as a platform of exchange, experience sharing and finding collaboration opportunities beyond this project. This includes establishing sustainable communication and identifying collaboration channels.

Upcoming Events

Community meetings

Each partner of the MAGNET consortium establishes a community of Practices at national or regional level which involves other partners from other COSME consortia and other relevant regional and national stakeholders. Each regional community of practice congreates in one face to face meeting and one webinar.

4th Thematic network forum

On the 27th of August the MAGNET project is hosting its final thematic network forum which will bring together practitioners from the Migrant Entrepreneurship field to discuss youth integration through entrepreneurship. The session will showcase ongoing projects and research, good practices and learning, and will discuss pressing challenges such as the impact of the Covid pandemic and prospects of recovery. REGISTER now


Growing Europe. Boosting migrant entrepreneurship networks will be a series of online events on each Thursday in September 2020, dedicated to current issues and future challenges of migrant entrepreneurship in Europe! Join us! Topics of discussion include the importance of migrant entrepreneurship, its development in the last years, new trends, support tools for migrant entrepreneurs, integration processes, best practices and lessons learned, the point of view of EU institutions and actors working in the field, the impact of COVID19 on migrant businesses, and more … : the 3rd, the 10th, the 17th and the 24th of September!

past Events


Read here the report on the 1st conference on Migrant Entrepreneurship Support in Krems, Austria.

Migrant Entrepreneurship Support in European comparison

Focus groups with experts from organisations that provide support to migrant entrepreneurship.


Read here the report on the 2nd conference on Migrant Entrepreneurship Support in Practice in Amsterdam September 2018


Have a look at the presentation of the 3rd MAGNET Conference in April 2019 on Access to Finance.​

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